Thrill Seekers Collection was born through an underlying passion for good times and rad habits.

Several years ago, Austin Prida owned and operated 212 Land: “A Thrill Seekers Paradise”, a motocross and action sports facility that became well known in San Diego. Over the course of his multi-year lease, Prida created a one-of-a-kind paradise for all action sports enthusiasts through orchestrating incredible events with an old school vibe and experimenting with new obstacles for racers, free riders and BMX riders. As the lease came to a closure, Prida couldn’t give up on the thrill of the sport of motocross, so he created a brand that could reinforce his passion and share it with those who shared his common interest in seekin’ thrills.

Thrill Seekers Collection now offers a range of products from custom motorcycle seat covers to casual apparel and other adventure accessories. Thrill Seekers products are made for those who are unique and are willing to stand out against the crowd. The custom seat covers range from basic colors to wild designs such as camouflage and Hawaiian prints, all made with the highest quality material and created to enhance performance & style. This brand will always be used to connect athletes & people from all over the world that have a goal of finding their passion of thrill.

We're always seekin' thrills.

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